The Academic Monitoring Cell facilitates and coordinatesthe activities for the academic improvement of the students. The cell consists of following members.

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Mrs.C. P. Bhasna.
3 Mrs.O. K.Hafsamol


Sl no: Name & Designation Position
1 Mr. Aseel Abdul Wahid, Principal President
2 Ms. Maya P.V., Department of Natural Science Secretary
3 Ms. Hafsamol O.K., Department of Commerce Member
4 Ms. Nithya S.S., Department of Physical Science Member
5 Ms. Bashna C.V., Department of English Member
6 Ms. Shahina. K. K, Department of Social Science Member


Sl no: Teacher in Charge Duty
1 Ms. P. V. Maya Staff Secretary
2 Ms. S. S. Nithya Director, Fine Arts & CCA
3 Mr.T. Rajesh Staff Editor
4 Ms. O. K. Hafsamol Directory, Student Advisory Scheme
5 Mr.K. Mohamed Shareef Director, Career Guidance and Counseling Center
6 Mr. U.Shoukath Ali Director, E-Grantz
7 Mr. P.T.Shihabudheen Director, Yoga & Physical Education
8 Mr. K. Mohamed Shafi Coordinator, Tourism Club
9 Ms. O. K.Hafsamol Director, Women Cell
10 Ms. P. V. Maya Director, Student Grievance Redress Cell
11 Ms.P. V. Maya Controller of Examinations
12 Mr. M Shiljith, Lib. Assistant Controller of Exams
13 Ms. P. V. Maya Coordinator, Nature Club (Natura)
14 Ms.O. K. Hafsamol Coordinator, Commerce Club (Glitz)
15 Ms. S. S. Nithya Coordinator, Science Club
16 Ms. C. P. Bashna Coordinator, Literary Club
17 Ms. K. Savithri Coordinator, Social Science Club
18 Ms.U.Susmi Coordinator, Student Initiative in Pain Care
19 Ms. P. V. Maya Secretary, Staff Club
20 Mr. K. Mohamed Shafi Convenor, College Election
21 Mr. T. Rajesh Coordinator, Movie Club
22 Mr.K.Mohammed Shareef Public Information Officer
23 Ms. O K. Hafsamol Convener, Admission Committee
24 Ms. O. K. Hafsamol Convener, Anti-ragging Committee
25 Ms. S. S. Nithya Convener, Anti-raggin Squad
26 Ms. P. V. Maya Convener, Academic Calendar
27 Ms. K. K. Shahina Coordinator, Centre for Students with Special Needs
28 Ms. K. Savithri Teacher in charge of Student Aid
29 Mr. U. Shoukkath Ali Editor, College Website
30 Ms. U. Susmi Convener, Day Celebration Committee


To enhance the quality of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, an Evaluation Monitoring Committee is functioning in the college. The committee consists of following members:

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Mrs. Maya. PV
3 Mr.K.Muhammed Shareef


For monitoring the admission procedure of the B.Ed. programme for the current year, an Admission Committee is constituted. The Committee consists of.

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Sub committees: (a). Social Science Mrs.Shahina. K K. (b). English Mrs.Bhashna. CP (c). Natural Science Mrs. Maya. PV (d). Physical science Mrs.Nithya. SS e. Commerce Mrs.Hafsamol


A Library Advisory Committee functions in the college to advise the Principal on all matters relating to library. It consists of

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Librarian (Secretary) M. Shiljith


Ragging Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the psyche of a fresher or a junior student will be treated as ragging. The Anti-Ragging Squad shall be nominated by the Head of the institution with such representation as considered necessary and shall consist of members belonging to the various sections of the campus community. The squad will have vigil, oversight and patroling functions. It shall be kept mobile, alert and active at all times and shall be empowered to inspect places of potential ragging and make surprise raids on hostels and other hot spots. The squad shall investigate incidents of ragging and make recommentation to the Anti -Ragging Committee and shall work under the overall guidance of the said Committee. The Committee Consists of following members

Sl no: Name
1 Principal
2 Four faculty members (Two ladies) Mrs.Nithys.SS, Mrs.Hafsamol. OK.,Mr.K. Mohammed Shafi., Mrs.U.Susmi
3 Mr.U. Shoukath Ali ( Office Supdt.)
4 (Chairman of college union – Ex-Officio)
5 (Representative from PTA)


Grievance Redress Forum is an appellate body to hear and decide on the matters related to academic, discipline, curricular and co-curricular activities. The Grievance Redress Forum will consist of the following members:

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (chairman)
2 Staff Advisor Mrs. P. V.Maya
3 A Senior Lady Teacher Mrs.O. K. Hafsamol
4 A member from the College Council nominated by the principal – Mrs.Bhashna. CP
5 College Union Chairman (Student Representative)


An Ethics Committee has been constituted as per the Govt. order (RT) No.346/05/H.Edn. dt. 1-03-2005 to monitorimplementation of the decision banning mobile phones,cinematic dance and fashion show on the campus with the cooperation of the college PTA, staff members, students’ union, management committee, and local authorities. The committee consists of the following members:

Sl no: Name
1 Chairman – Principal
2 Vice-Chairman – PTA President
3 Convenor – Staff Secretary- Mrs. P. V. Maya
4 Joint Convenor – Chairman, College Union
5 Members – Management Representative-Secretary – Panchayath Ward Member


To chalk out the academic and non-academic programme for B.Edcourses during academic year, an Academic Calendar Committee functions in the college. The Committee prepares the Academic Calendar for the year.committee consists of

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 MS. P. V.Maya


The Attendance Committee functions in the college for recording and monitoring the attendance of the students. The Attendance Committee consists of

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Mrs.Muhammed Shareef. K.


To prepare the time-table for the B.Ed and M.Ed course, during the academic year a Time Table committee functions in thecollege. The Committee consist of:

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Mr.T.Rajesh
3 Mrs.PV Maya


All the students of the college shall be the members of the College Union. The College Union Office bearers are elected through College Union Election, as per the rules of University of Calicut. The objectives of the College Union are:

To train the students of the college in the duties and rights of citizenship.

To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students.

To organize debates. Seminars and such other activities.

To promote opportunities for students to organise sports, arts and other cultural activities. The Returning Officer is entrusted with the duties of College Union Election.


Fine arts committee organizes programmes on occasions of social relevance like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, World Literacy Day, World Human Rights Day, World Environment Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Onam, Eid, Christmas, New Year, etc.The Fine Arts Committee also organizes fine arts day, talents day etc. for the academic year. The committee consists of

Sl no: Name
1 Principal (Chairman)
2 Mrs.S. S. Nithya


The college magazine will be published at the end of every academic year. The college magazine committee consist of :

Sl no: Name
1 The principal (chief editor)
2 Mr. T. Rajesh

The principal has the option to nominate few more members, in addition to this, every optional class shall publish manuscript magazine and wall magazine.


To maintain continued association between the parents and teachers and to promote activities for the well being of the students a parent teacher association is formed the association meets at intervals to discuss various problems relating to the general welfare of the students.